Customwear for any & all bodies,

shapes & sizes,

small or tall,

thick or  thin

mild or wild!!!

Welcome to CoZo, where style meets individuality.

Elevate your wardrobe and experience the art of personalized fashion with CoZo!

Welcome to CoZo, where style meets individuality.
At CoZo, we've redefined the shirt-buying experience. Say goodbye
 to ready-made shirts and hello to our exciting new offers!

1. Learn & Create: Unleash your creativity with our unique lessons! 
Schedule a session, and not only will you gain valuable insights into shirt customization, but you'll also walk away with a shirt crafted by your own hands. 
It's the perfect blend of education and fashion.
Time Commitment: Initial call of 15-30 minutes;
Follow up appointment, approximately 4 hours, to be spit over two days, if needed.
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2. Custom Shirt Creation: Embrace your distinctive style with our 
custom shirt creation service.  From choosing fabrics to selecting designs, 
our experts will guide you through the process, 
ensuring your shirt is a true reflection of your personality.
Time Commitment: An initial call of 15-30 minutes;
Time thereafter depends on how much help is needed in selecting a fabric choice.
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